the oberlin QUEER wellness coalition

The Oberlin Queer Wellness Coalition, or OQWC, aims to increase communication and awareness at Oberlin College about the full scope of wellness issues facing LGBTQQIA people.  We will promote events including, but not limited to, presentation of resources and information, sponsorship of events and exhibitions, and creation of safe spaces for open discussion in order to enrich the health and vitality of the queer community of Oberlin College.

I’m from Driftwood

Nathan Manske, creator of, traveled to all 50 states over the course of 4 months collecting LGBT stories from the smallest towns and biggest cities across America. Come hear what he learned about the LGBT community, as well as the straight community’s thoughts towards LGBTers, as he shares his stories from the road. You’ll hear about an unlikely ally in small-town Oklahoma, an eerie Grindr encounter at a house in West Virginia, his journey to Sarah Palin’s house in Wasilla and a whole lot more. He collected over 170 Video Stories on the Tour, several which he’ll be sharing in the presentation. The stories are sometimes funny, sometimes emotional but always genuine, giving you a rare glimpse inside the lives of LGBT America today.

Thursday, November 3,


King 106

( event sponsored by Lambda Union)

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