the oberlin QUEER wellness coalition

The Oberlin Queer Wellness Coalition, or OQWC, aims to increase communication and awareness at Oberlin College about the full scope of wellness issues facing LGBTQQIA people.  We will promote events including, but not limited to, presentation of resources and information, sponsorship of events and exhibitions, and creation of safe spaces for open discussion in order to enrich the health and vitality of the queer community of Oberlin College.

I’m tired of being told that pansexuals fall in love with personalities and with people, rather than fall in lust with bodies and genders. In no other definition of sexuality does the word “love” pop up so frequently. Homosexuality, heterosexuality, bisexuality, even asexuality, all rely on words like “attraction” when we define them, which implies a range of feelings (aesthetics, romance, etc.) but most importantly, sex. Pansexuality, however, has been whitewashed of its sex, often in a sex-negative way.

What Does It Mean to Be Pansexual? - Gwen, Pop Shot Blog

I really love this article! It’s always bothered me when I identify myself to someone as pansexual, and someone then labels pansexuality as being gender-blind or falling for people based on their personality and this article (which I’ve linked to above) has helped me figure out and be able to articulate why it bothers me.

No I’m not gender-blind. Gender and someone’s gender expression can be fucking sexy and is absolutely a part of why I’m attracted to some of the people I am.

And I’m not attracted to someone for their personality more than most other people are. Yes personality plays a significant part in long-term attraction to me, but sometimes I do lust after someone just because of how they look or want to be with someone even though I barely know them and I wish people wouldn’t state that pansexual people essentially can’t be like this.

If someone identifies as pansexual it does NOT mean that they don’t see gender, and it does NOT mean that someone’s personality is the only thing that dictates whether they’re attracted to said someone.

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Anonymous asked: asexuality is not queer

people define asexuality differently.

pflagmom asked: I noticed a comment that I THINK you made, but I may have made a mistake of who actually said it... that you have a problem with the word "ally"? If this was you, I'd be very interested to hear your opinions on this topic. Thank you.

hey, it was probably me (a.d.)!

this is a little something i recently wrote: i’m not an ally. i strive to pursue an anti-oppression politic, which counters sexism, racism, homophobia, classism, ableism, imperialism, colonialism, etc. anti-oppression also confronts and questions one’s own privilege. “ally” does not mean i give lip-service. “ally” is not an identity. allyship involves daily, continual action to practice anti-oppression politics.

"allyship" inherently folds everyone of a particular identity category together. when someone says, "i’m and lgbtq ally," it supposes that the person saying this is going to be an ally to everyone. we all are different. an ally to one person is dangerous or offensive to another. allyship paints every individual who claims certain identities the same, and undermines everyone’s own agency. that’s unacceptable to me.

someone in a disadvantaged position may see you (or anyone) as an ally, but that does not mean you are ally for everyone.
plain and simple, “ally” seems like a pat on the back for doing what everyone should always be doing: educating themselves, being thoughtful, being conscientious, affirming identities and agency, etc.

Anonymous asked: Which co-ops are heaviest in Queer students?

fairchild and harkness.

hpstr queers are in tank.

dogplanet asked: you should update your google calendar on here and send out emails all the time. well, you should send emails to me, anyways. :)

hiiiiii! first meeting is TOMORROW, monday, at 7pm in the multicultural resource center at 7pm.